We're here to promote our love for astronomy, star gazing and anything related to the skies
The Astronomy Club, Manipal
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A list of events by the club


Amazing night sky views


Given by the club members on various astronomy topics


Talks given by astronomy professionals from all over the world


Data Science Project

Applying Machine Learning algorithms to solve problems and process astronomical data

Barn Door Tracker

Used to cancel out the diurnal motion of the Earth for observation or photography of astronomical objects

Optical Telescope

Building a Newtonian Telescope

Star Tracker

To locate astronomical objects in the sky


Have you ever looked at a clear night sky and wondered in awe and admiration at the beauty of what's up there? To see those tiny pin pricks of light and realize they are not what we see? Ever pictured every tiny feeling filled with immense wonder and curiosity?

I guess it was this feeling that inspired many of us to learn more about what's beyond; to delve deeper into the heights of the heavens, to find answers to some of the world's mysterious questions.

This same feeling has made people in this small college town of Manipal to create The Astronomy Club, we geek about everything space; from Observational Astronomy to the complex theories of Quantum Physics.

We are MIT's only star gazing and space research club.

We regularly fuel our love for Astronomy by holding Skywatches, Talks, working on Astronomy related projects, Quizzes and interactive Webinars taken by notable guest speakers.


The Astronomy Club, Manipal was formed in the year 2000 when a group of night sky enthusiasts at what was then department of Architecture, MIT, Manipal got together to gaze the stars.

From those Early beginnings, the club made big strides. What started as a bunch of friends meeting up for observations transformed into an all MAHE association, we organised talks, workshops and regular night sky watches.

However the Club became less active as years passed by eventually becoming dormant.

In the year 2016 , a small group of people decided to restart the club, what once again started as a small group of people that shared the love of Astronomy has now become one of the most reputed student clubs of MIT.

Recruiting MIT students on the basis of their love for Astronomy, we are stronger than ever and have taken major strides to be bigger and better!

The Board

Radha Parikh


Utkarsh Chhapekar

Vice President

Archit Dasgupta

General Secretary

Aditya Khatavkar


Sai Akilesh

HR Head

Sanchit Arora

Technical Head

Abhimanyu Arora

Creative Head

Kartik Pandoh

Editorial Head

Tulika Banerjee

Graphics & PR Head

Abhijat Singh

Advisory Board

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